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What to Stock a Home Bar With

You’ve mapped out a plan, bought all the essentials and customized some of them, installed those essentials in their designated places and placed your bar accessories on their proper shelves. In short, your in-home bar is done. The next logical step is stocking your home bar with your favorite liquor and spirit brands. There are, of course, the essential or must-have types of liquor in your home bar because you wouldn’t know when you’ll need it, especially if you have your friends or family around! This how to stock a home bar guide aims to inform home bar builders on the top five (5) liquor and spirit essentials that home bars must have.

  1. Whiskey. A good and aged bottle of whiskey is sometimes considered the centerpiece of a home bar. Pair alone nights where deep thinking and reflections are needed with a glass of whiskey, then you’ve got a partner to assist you with your thoughts.
  2. Vodka. The great Russian alcoholic beverage is one of the most versatile liquors in the world (it comes in more flavors than ice cream itself!). A nice bottle of vodka that you, of course, like is a must since it’s great for mixing cocktails for yourself or cocktail-loving friends and family members. Some of the cocktails you can make with vodka are Bloody Marys and Cosmopolitans.
  3. Gin. One of the classic gentleman’s drink is the ever-popular gin and tonic. Probably invented in the 17th century, gin has been intoxicating people around the world with its refreshing taste, especially when mixed, for three centuries already. Gin is the base spirit for a lot of cocktail mixes, so be sure to have them around!
  4. Brandy. A premium bottle of brandy matches good and aged bottles of whiskey depending on your preference. Brandy was invented by accident in the 12th century by the Dutch since they were distilling wine hoping to preserve it for long journeys but brandy was born instead. Brandy can be served as an after-dinner drink and also a base spirit for cocktails in some instances.
  5. Beer. Nothing will beat a good bottle of beer after a long day of work and enjoying it with your family and friends. There are multiple ways to literally stock beers in your home bar – stock a couple of bottles in your beer refrigerator, buy a keg and hook it up in a kegerator, or just place bottles inside your bar cabinet. Normal grocery-bought beers work fine, but craft beers work better.

When stocking a home bar, be sure to always buy quality bottles as much as possible. Remember that one good bottle of liquor or spirit is better than multiple cheap ones.

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